IMIS Global Limited is a company that collects, processes, stores, distributes and displays AIS data from satellite (S-AIS) and terrestrial (T-AIS) data sources. These systems are deployed either as bespoke systems with the end customers such as the Australian and Canadian governments or the system is also available as a hosted service with server that are distributed on a global basis.

The collection of data using MariWeb systems is for >130,000 AIS targets on a global basis 24 hours a day. This data is distributed to many governments and used primarily for Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) using national tools and capabilities. The display of data takes on a number of formats including:

  • Electronic Chart Systems
  • Tabular Reporting
  • Graphical reporting
  • Event reporting

In some countries (i.e. New Zealand) IMIS provides these services on the Hosted MariWeb platform and all of the required data analysis is carried out primarily on the IMIS Hosted MariWeb platform. IMIS also has developed a range of real time data analysis tools that ensure that data being provided to various customers has the required quality.