D6.2 Aviation data preparation and curation (interim)

Authors: Garcia Martinez Miguel, Calvo Fernandez Esther, Costas Pablo, Fresno Cambre Laura, Lopez Leones Javier, Scarlatti David, Cordero José Manuel
Title: D6.2 Aviation data preparation and curation (interim)

The datAcron Aviation data preparation and curation (interim), D6.2, contain a extended detail reference of the datasources identified to cover the use case scenarios identified and described in D6.1 “Aviation use case detailed description”.

This deliverable aims to be a reference for WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP4 on how to use and exploit aviation data sources in order to achieve the project goals.

Eight different categories have been identified: weather, radar, airspace, network manager, synthetic trajectories, aircraft identification, flight plans, and context information, containing a set of different datasources (some of them covering several categories).

High level of detail and specification has been included in this document, for every datasource. Additionally, initial identification of usage of the described datasources in each use case has been addressed in the final section of this deliverable by means of a traceability matrix identifying, by operational expertise, the essential sources initially identified per use case, assuming this information may be of help for the rest of work packages.

Year: 2016
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