D6.3 Aviation Experiments Specification

Authors: Iglesias Martínez Enrique, Scarlatti David, López Leones Javier, López Elena, García-Ovies Carro Iciar
Title: D6.3 Aviation Experiments Specification

Once the basis of the different ATM scenarios has been understood by all partners, a comprehensive description of the experiments to be performed by the different work packages is needed. This deliverable specifies the experiments to be conducted in detail. The specifications include the datasets to use, the steps to perform, what to measure and the targeted values. The document will specify all the details needed to perform the experiments in a rigorous and repeatable way: What exactly will be measured and how, thresholds defining good or bad results will be included. This document also aims at clarifying the tasks that need to be performed by each work package, as well as the expected results of each of them in every scenario.

Year: 2016
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