D7.1 Project Website, Wiki and Social Media Channels

Authors: Elena Camossi, George Santipantakis
Title: D7.1 Project Website, Wiki and Social Media Channels

The datAcron project website and the social media channels are two main dissemination activities set up since the beginning of the project to raise awareness on the datAcron project vision and objectives on a variegate audience that include the commercial big data, maritime and aviation community, the scientific and education community, standardization organization and regulatory bodies, and other European projects active in the same fields of interest. Along the project, these dissemination activities will also evolve to promote understanding on the project approach, methods and results, and to engage the target audience, including the project interest user groups.

For internal dissemination and content sharing, other tools including a FileStore and a software repository have been set up. All these activities are part of a more comprehensive project communication and dissemination project strategy, that include several dissemination activities whose execution is scheduled along the course of the project.

Year: 2016
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