D8.2 datAcron Data Management Plan (1st Version)

Authors: George Vouros, Maria Halkidi
Title: D8.2 datAcron Data Management Plan (1st Version)

The datAcron Data Management Plan (datAcron DMP) details what data the project will collect, generate, how these will be exploited or made accessible to all stakeholders, how and what data sets will be made available for verification and re-use, and how they will be curated and preserved. In order for the document to be self-contained, a comprehensive view of the datAcron data lifecycle is provided with appropriate definitions of terms being used and stated assumptions under which the plan has been devised, with a succinct description of stakeholders’ groups.

Data sources to be exploited per domain are described, also specifying information on existing metadata per data sources, size of data sets, modality, and provision methods. The deliverable specifies also a generic policy /methodology for associating data sources and datasets with metadata taking into account version control, licensing and distribution issues.

Furthermore, information and a generic policy on data sharing is provided, also taking into account, limitations of partners, IPR and legal issues, licensing and ethical issues.

The deliverable concludes with issues concerning archiving and preservation that should be addressed once the project has been completed.

This is the 1st version of this deliverable. As the project evolves, the DMP will be updated to reflect the changes in the data sources exploited in datAcron, updates on policies and methodologies to be used, given also further understanding of the necessity of additional data sources and decisions on specific datasets to be made available to stakeholders.

Year: 2016
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