TTP-LD: Link Discovery for Topological, Temporal, Proximity and Contextual Relations

TTP-LD computes topological, temporal, proximity and contextual links between big archival or streaming data sources, in any possible combination of relations and data origin. The problem is timely due to the large number of sources that generate spatial data, including streaming sources (e.g., surveillance of moving objects) but also archival sources (such as static areas of interest).

TTP-LD allows alternative configurations to adapt to the distribution of data in the sources. It incorporates the MaskLink technique (ref to MASKLink) to improve the effectiveness of the filtering step. MaskLink outperforms the state-of-the-art algorithms for link discovery of topological and proximity relations, while also addressing some of its limitations, such as applicability to streaming data, low memory requirements, and parallelization.

TTP-LD can be combined with RDF-Gen, to enable the Link Discovery between heterogeneous data sets (see also SPARTAN)