The University of Piraeus Research Centre (UPRC) was established in 1983 and it is a research, non-profit organisation. UPRC aims at providing the institutional framework which would facilitate and, to some extent, support the research carried out by Faculty members, in the general fields of economics, management and computing, emphasizing on the study of the Greek economy and the Greek society in general.

Since its establishment, the UPRC has fulfilled more than 1.000 research programs, many education programs, conferences and executive seminars funded by the European Union, the General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Ministries, banks, organisations of the civil sector, companies, non-profit and nongovernmental organisations.

The research output of the programs realized by UPRC is characterized by scientific excellence and wide range of application that allows them to have a particular impact on the economy, business and society in general.

datACRON involves members of the Data Science Lab at the University of Piraeus (DataStories). DataStories is active in a wide range of Data Science topics, including big database management, statistics and data analytics, machine learning and data mining, semantic integration, mobility data exploration and data privacy. The team presents a significant experience in European research projects, with FP7/FET DATASIM (Data Science for Simulating the Era of Electric Vehicles; 2011-2014), FP7/MarieCurie SEEK (Semantic Enrichment of Trajectory Knowledge Discovery; 2012-15), and FP7-ICT SEMAGROW (Data intensive techniques to boost the real-time performance of global agricultural data infrastructures; 2012-15), being the most notable ones. Data Science Lab’s recent publication record includes 1 monograph and more than 40 articles in refereed journals and conference proceedings in the above research areas. Its research highlights include Hermes (a robust database engine for the management of moving object trajectories), Hermoupolis (an enhanced synthetic data generator for synthetic semantic trajectories of moving objects), E-SHIQ (a representation framework and reasoning with distinct ontologies), and Synthesis (a model-based framework for synthesizing ontology alignment methods). Currently, Data Science Lab human resources consist of 5 faculty members from three different Departments of the University of Piraeus, supported by a number of senior / junior researchers and engineers. More information about the Data Science Lab at the University of Piraeus (DataStories) is available at